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Call for abstracts at nanoPT2013 & ImagineNano2013

Dear Colleague,


We would like to announce the call for abstracts on the following events:

1.    nanoPT 2013 Nanoscience and Nanotechnology International Conference (www.nanopt.org), February, 13-15 / Porto (Portugal).

2.    ImagineNano 2013 event (www.imaginenano.com) – April, 23-26 / Bilbao (Spain).


Any doubts feel free to contact us.

Find below further info of each event.


Best Regards


:::::::::nanoPT 2013::::::::::


nanoPT 2013 Nanoscience and Nanotechnology International Conference (http://www.nanopt.org) will be held in Porto (Portugal) between the 13th and the 15th of February, 2013.


This first edition will be held with the purpose of strengthen ties nationally and internationally on Nanotechnology and, pretends to be a reference in Portugal in the upcoming years. This conference will encourage industry and universities working on the Nanotechnology field to know each other and to present their research, allowing new collaborations between nearby countries such as Spain and France.


nanoPT 2013 will let participants to present a broad range of current research in Nanoscience & Nanotechnology, not only the most prominent investigations/studies in Portugal but from all over the world.


Contributions (abstracts) in the field of nanomaterials, nanochemistry, nanobio/nanomedicine, graphene/nanotubes, optics/photonics/plasmonics, modeling at the nanoscale, scientific policy/tech transfer and nanoinstrumentation will be accepted until November 23, 2012.


Concurrently to the conference will be held an exhibition. Opportunities to book a stand and sponsor the event are also available for industrial, academic and governmental organizations to share common objectives and drive the commercialization and the know-how of nanotechnology.

Confirmed nanoPT Speakers (4 as of October 29, 2012):

Joaquín Fernandez Rossier (INL, Portugal)

Paulo Freitas (INL, Portugal)

Nuno Peres (Univ. Minho, Portugal)

Stephan Roche (CIN2-ICN-CSIC, Spain)

Further speakers to be announced soon.



::::::::::IMAGINENANO 2013::::::::::


ImagineNano 2013 (www.imaginenano.com) will be held from the 23rd to the 26th of April in Bilbao (Spain). We are expecting again a high number of participants to meet in this second edition of ImagineNano. Outstanding infrastructure and conference rooms with great audio and video solutions will host 6 International nanoscience & nanotechnology conferences:

- Graphene 2013
- nanoBio&Med 2013
- NanoSpain 2013
- TNA Energy 2013 (Trends in NanoApplications)
- PPM 2013 (Photonics/Plasmonics/Magneto-Optics)
- NanoSD 2013 (Nanotechnologies for Security&Defense)

The call for abstracts is open until February 11, 2013.

Those conferences will be held in parallel with a vast exhibition, one-to-one meetings and an industrial forum where everyone can meet and greet Nanotechnology side by side.

Confirmed ImagineNano Speakers (31 as of October 29, 2012)

D. Basov (University of California, USA) Graphene 2013

H. Bouchiat (Univ. Paris-Sud 11, France) Graphene 2013

H. Cheng (Inst. of Metal Research, China) Graphene 2013

B. Cho (KAIST, Korea) Graphene 2013

H. Dai (Stanford University, USA) Graphene 2013

A. Dogariu (University of Central Florida, USA) PPM 2013           

G. Eda (National Univ. of Singapore, Singapore) Graphene 2013  

X. Feng (Max Planck Inst. for Polymer Research, Germany) Graphene 2013

A. Ferrari (University of Cambridge, UK) Graphene 2013

P. Freitas (INL, Portugal) nanoBio&Med 2013

S. Garaj (Harvard University, USA) Graphene 2013

A. Gourdon (CEMES-CNRS, France) NanoSpain 2013                  

I. Grigorieva (University of Manchester, UK) Graphene 2013

A. Hernando (Univ. Complutense, Spain) NanoSD 2013

M. Hersam (Northwestern University, USA) Graphene 2013

R. Hillenbrand (CIC nanoGUNE, Spain) PPM 2013                         

T. Kippenberg (EPFL, Switzerland) PPM 2013

T. Lee (Pohang Univ. of Sc. and Tech., Korea) Graphene 2013                 

L. Liz-Marzán (CIC biomaGUNE, Spain) nanoBioMed 2013

J. Meyer (University of Vienna, Austria) Graphene 2013    

M. Meyyapan (NASA, USA) NanoSpain 2013 / NanoSD 2013

T. Palacios (MIT, USA) Graphene 2013                    

J. Park (Cornell Univ., USA) Graphene 2013

R. Quidant (ICFO, Spain) PPM 2013

J. Rivas (INL, Portugal) NanoSpain 2013                  

Rod Ruoff (The University of Texas at Austin, USA) Graphene 2013

B. Ozyilmaz (National Univ. of Singapore, Singapore) Graphene 2013

M. Silver (American Elements, USA) Industrial Forum        

P. Sutter (Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA) Graphene 2013

B. van Wees (Univ. of Groningen, Netherlands) Graphene 2013  

M. Wegener (Karlsruhe Inst. of Tech., Germany) PPM 2013                    

Further speakers to be announced soon.



Paloma García Escorial

Phantoms Foundation

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28037, Madrid, Spain
Phone: +34 91 112 33 87