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[OSI 10, 2013] First Announcement / Pre-Registration

                      OSI 10, 2013 in Chemnitz, Logo

                        OSI 10   (www.OSI2013.de)
     International Conference on "Optics of Surfaces and Interfaces"
                          September 8 - 13, 2013
                           in Chemnitz, Germany

[ First Announcement / Pre-Registration ]
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The conference "Optics of Surfaces and Interfaces" (OSI) will highlight
new developments of optical techniques for probing interfaces and
nanostructures. A further aim of this meeting is to bridge the gap between
basic and applied science.
The conference will be hosted in Chemnitz, Germany, from September 8th to
13th 2013 and chaired by Profs.:

  • Friedrich Bechstedt (Friedrich Schiller University Jena),
  • Norbert Esser (Leibniz-Institut fuer Analytische Wissenschaften - ISAS
    e.V.), and
  • Dietrich R.T. Zahn (Chemnitz University of Technology).

         Main topics:

           • Surface sensitive optical techniques
           • Tip and surface enhanced spectroscopy
           • Plasmonics: experiment and theory
           • Nonlinear optical spectroscopy
           • Time resolved spectroscopy
           • Magneto-optics
           • Microscopic theory and modeling of optical response
           • Vibrational properties
           • Interfaces to organic layers and biological systems
           • Functionalised surfaces and nanostructures
           • Nanomembranes, graphene-like structures

Please note that the number of participants is to limited to 100! In order
to secure your place please pre-register on the web page!

Further information about:

  • Important Dates
  • Conference Fees
  • History,
  • Committees,
  • Invited Talks,
  • Hotel,
  • Conference Venue

  on the conference webpage www.OSI2013.de

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Thank you.
See you in Chemnitz
(Organizers of OSI 10)