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Symmetry Festival 2013

Dear Colleague,

I'd like to remind you that we plan the next Symmetry Festival in Delft, The Netherlands, 2-7 August 2013.
Please, bookmark and visit the website often, because it is refreshed continuously.
We accept your abstract at an extended deadline by the end of next week.

You are warmly welcome to contribute to the program! I were glad to have there a presentation on the symmetry principles applied in your works.

I would also like to ask you to distribute the information to others, if you can. Thanks.
Apologies for possible cross postings.

Best wishes,
Gyuri Darvas
chairman of the Symmetry Festival

Symmetry Festival 2013, Delft, 2-7 August
Download and print the poster in A3 size, post it at your department,
throughout your parent institution, and distribute among colleagues outside.
Thank you for your contribution to publicize the event!
A recent publication online:
Physical consequences of a new gauge-symmetry and its associated conservation law
Greetings from Budapest
Gyorgy Darvas
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Address: 29 Eotvos St., Budapest, H-1067 Hungary
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Monograph: SymmetryCourse of lectures on Symmetry,
Course of lectures on Interactions in Kinetic Fields and the Conservation of IFCS