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FHP Sessions at APS March Meeting

Message to the members of the American Physical Society Forum on
the History of Physics. Authorized by TOM MILLER
Secretary-Treasurer, FHP 
For FHP:

Dear FHP Members attending the APS March Meeting in Boston,

The Forum on the History of Physics has arranged three interesting 
sessions at the March Meeting:

Session B19: Invited Session: One Hundred Fifty Years of Maxwell's Equations (1862-2012)
Sponsoring Units: FHP
Chair: Edward Gerjuoy, University of Pittsburgh
Room: 253AB

Francis Everitt, Stanford University, "The discovery of Maxwell's equations."

Bruce Hunt, University of Texas, "Maxwellians and the Remaking of Maxwell's Equations."

Jed Buchwald, Caltech, "Using Maxwell's Equations in the Late 1800s."

Roy Glauber, Harvard University, "Maxwell and Quantum Optics."

Frank Wilczek, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, "Taking Off from Maxwell's Equations."
Session Q19: Invited Session: The Scientific Legacy of Edward Purcell (1912-2012)
Sponsoring Units: FHP
Chair: Gerald Holton, Harvard University
Room: 253AB

Nicolaas Bloembergen, Harvard University, "Purcell and NMR."

Doc Ewen, Special Projects Team, LLC, "Purcell and the Development of Radioastronomy."

Howard Berg, Harvard University, "On small things in water moving around: Purcell.s contributions in biology."

Richard Garwin, IBM Watson Research Center, "Purcell's Work Helping the Government."

John Rigden, Washington University in St. Louis, "Purcell the Teacher: In and Out of the Classroom."
Session X2: Invited Session: History of Metrology and Today's Frontiers of Measurement
Sponsoring Units: FHP
Chair: Richard Davis, BIPM
Room: 204AB

Robert Crease,  Stony Brook University,  "Dreams of a Final System: Origins of the Quest for an Absolute Standard."

Terry Quinn, "Beller Lectureship: From Artefacts to Atoms: The Origins and Early Years of the 
International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM)."

James Faller, JILA, University of Colorado and University of Glasgow,  
"Measurement of the gravitational quantities g and G: How ideas for precision measurement experiments come about."

Howard Layer,  National Institute of Standards and Technology, "The Odyssey of 
the Frequency Measurements of Visible Light at NBS/NIST."

Richard Steiner,  National Institute of Standards and Technology, "Evolving 
Planck Constant Measurements into the SI Kilogram Standard."

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