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Dear Colleagues,

The International Scientific Conference on Future Energy and Climate Change (ISCFECC 12) is the fourth annual conference focused on understanding the nature of individual and organizational behavior and decision making, and using that knowledge to accelerate our transition to an energy-efficient and low carbon economy.The conference will be held in London between December 17 - 19 2012. The ISCFECC Conference is convened by the Working Group on Climate Change - Kirmington North Lincolnshire DN39 6YB, UK.The ISCFECC Organizing Committee requests proposals for presentations from policymakers, businesses, social scientists, researchers, media specialists, marketers, energy experts, program designers, implementers, and evaluators.

The organization invite proposals for two types of presentations:

1. Oral Presentations (15-20 minute formal presentations and slides)

2. Poster Presentations (informal presentations)

Topic Areas: Abstracts must be submitted online on one of the following categories; if your topic doesn't fit easily into one of these categories (or if it fits into multiple categories) please choose the closest match.

Renewable and Green Energy Resources and Technologies, Biomass, Wind and Solar Energy Resources and Technologies, Alternative Fuels, Market and Finance of RES, Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Energy, Energy Storage Techniques, Green Buildings, Advanced Energy Systems, Energy Process and System Simulation, Modelling and Optimization, Advanced Power Generation, Transmission and Automation, Distributed Energy Systems, Poly-generation Systems, Energy and Automation, Energy Efficiency Improvement, Energy Conversion and Management, Thermodynamic and Energy optimization, Energy Education, Energy Environment and Sustainable Development, Climate Change Policy, Climate Change and the Oceans, Greenhouse Gases Mitigation Technologies,Energy Security Policy, Economics and Planning, Pollutant Emission Control and Abatement, Extreme Events and Impacts Assessment, Agricultural and Forestry Resources Management, Water Resources Management, Case studies.

Proposal Submission: Interested presenters should submit an abstract of less than 300 words, summarizing the proposed presentation and a short bio data. Such abstracts and bio data should be sent to: iscfeccabstracts@xxxxxxxxxxx or fax on: +447024013483 by 20th November 2012. Submissions will be judged on relevance to conference themes, clarity of thought, data/documented results, creativity, fit in conference program and other criteria. Deadline for notification of acceptance is 03 December 2012.
If you want to participate without presenting a paper, i.e. organize a panel (session, mini conference), chair a session, review papers to be included in the conference proceedings or books, contribute to the editing of a book, or any other contribution, please send an email  to Dr. Dennis Palmer(Conference Chair): rfn1219@xxxxxxxxxxx

Conference Registration: All presenters are expected to register online by 20th November 2012. Registration is free of charge for delegates from developing countries. Also free flight ticket, travel insurance, visa fees and per diem to be provided for all paper presenters and participating delegates.

For more details on online registration, abstract submission, full papers and power point presentation, accommodation, flight, and venue, please email: iscfeccabstracts@xxxxxxxxxxx or fax on; +447024013483.

I look forward to receiving your abstracts at the earliest.


Dr. Mrs Sarah Grant
Organizing Secretary,ISCFECC
15 Lobepalm Building
Limber Road,Kirmington
North Lincolnshire,DN39 6YB
email: rfn1219@xxxxxxxxxxx
Tel: +447024024363,+447024025182
Fax: +447024013483